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Pontoon/Barge/Floating Platform

Traditional Pump houses are now outdated due to their demerits like time consuming process and cost.

The pump can be mounted over pontoons and have a small suction lift or still better be located in a box below water level, which would impact in a positive suction head. All centrifugal pumps work better and their performance graphs are based on net positive suction head including the pumps that allow for suction lift. The pontoon function aims towards enhancing the wire to water efficiency of the existing open well pump sets which are running in the field.

Floating Walkways and Bridges

Floating walkways, floating bridges are the latest trend and are widely used for as a medium to reach mid-water pontoons or barges or floating platforms.

Floating walkways are designed as per the application, capacity and the water medium. The water medium could be river, dam, sea, pond, lake or otherwise.

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Floating Pipelines

Floating pipelines have become a must in today's world, as pontoons with pumps are rapidly becoming the preferred solution mid-water

Special HDPE or FRP floats are used for long pipelines. Simple design and long life make it simple to enable floating pipes over water. Pipes may be made from Mild Steel / HDPE / Rubber / Canvas etc. Our special design for pipe floats along with provision for cable encourages customers to go for this solution. Yet another means of using floating pipelines is via floating walkways.

Floating RO Plants

This concept is similar to floating pump.

The overall size may differ according to the desired capacity of the RO plant. Sometimes floating pumps and RO plants may on the same platform. However, there are several advantages of floating RO plants over conventional RO plants.

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Floating CottagesFloating Cottages

The earth comprises of 77% water and considering the increasing rate of population the availability of free land on the earth may diminish.

People would then be in search of space for living. Even though our scientists are in search of livable space on the moon, the common man wouldn't be able to afford it. All the more reason why it becomes necessary to plan and utilise the available water surface for providing a shelter for human beings. Thus, came the concept of floating cottages.

Floating Solar Panel

Floating solar panels enable countries that have limited land space to capture solar energy using the over-water bodies floating solar panels.

Further, underutilized areas, such as dam reservoirs, can become highly value-adding power-generating stations. Floating systems many a time, also perform better than arrays built on land. Solar systems installed on water are normally cooler due to the natural process of evaporating water, which causes them to operate more efficiently. According to a study by Korea Water Resources Corporation, a floating array could be 11% more productive than an equivalent land-based system.

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Industry Function Product
Mining Industries De-watering, transfer of the mined mineral in semi liquid form Pump Pontoon
Oil & Gas Industries
  • De-watering
  • Temporary off shore maintenance work
  • Pump Pontoon, Metal Pontoon
  • Floating platform, Flat top Barge
Military / Defence services / Disaster Management dept. / Coastal guard across rivers / water-bodies - construction of temporary Walkway/ bridge Modular pontoons, HDPE pontoon, FRP Floats, Cable and Pipe Floats, Concrete pontoon
Pump manufacturers & dealers De-watering Pump Pontoon, Pipe Floats, Cable Floats
Water Supply reservoirs/ Dams (Government Owned) De-watering Pump Pontoon, Pipe Floats, Cable Floats
Agriculture Industries De-watering, Fish culture Pump Pontoon, Aquacage culture
Entertainment/ Tourism Industries Entertainment, facilities for boarding of tourists Floating fountain, Floating swimming pool, Floating cottages, Floating restaurants, Floating jetties, etc.
Railway/ Metro corporation De-watering Pump Pontoon
Construction Companies / EPC / Govt. Contractors Pile Work, Dewatering, Transportation Jetty, Floating platform, Barge, Floating Gangway